Alfred Angelo, sad news

Last week there was a shock to the bridal world with the announcement of Alfred Angelo’s bankruptcy.

The internet and Facebook are awash with forums and pages dedicated to weddings and the brides planning them.  Since the collapse of Alfred Angelo last week, ‘Outraged’ brides, many who did not purchase their dress from an Alfred Angelo stockist, many who did not purchase their dress from a genuine Bridal Store, are making lots of comments. ‘Fuming’ brides disgusted at the heartlessness of Alfred Angelo.

So, lets take this back a bit, who really is to blame? Alfred Angelo? Who have built up a world wide brand, since the 1930’s. Hugely successful, and whose designs have been at the forefront of the internet selling pages, for years. The famous Red back train, THE most copied dress of all time. How many Brides, went into stores, tried on the original, and then to eBay for a £75.00 Copy. How many times do bride’s posts on Facebook forums saying “I love the Alfred Angelo Disney … where can I get it cheaper/copied?” followed by the comments “I went to xxxx china, and got it copied hun”.

Bridal shops are dropping bridesmaid gowns, because of the cheap eBay sites. One particular fast growing high street chain claim to have their own designer label, but when you look through their catalogue, you can pick out every other designers styles throughout the collection.  These designers are not slaving away creating new designs, they are simply copying existing styles from successful labels. So Alfred Angelo, who have been making and designing their beautiful gowns for 80 years, are a victim of counterfeiters and brides who don’t want to actually pay for a genuine dress, but happy to rip off the designer and get a fake, poorer quality version and in many cases encouraging each other to use bridal boutiques in many instances to first ‘find the dress and what suits’.

Obviously there is more to it than just this – but this is a dreadful situation, and brides can blame the designers and stores all they want – but the real blame lies with the internet and fake shops who rob genuine designers of their images and designs.

At Camellia Bridal, along with 1000’s of other independent bridal boutiques across the UK, we are passionate about making our brides dreams come true and doing everything we can to make a brides experience a positive one. Right now, Alfred Angelo stockists, and those of us who don’t stock the label, are working behind the scenes with each other to make their brides dreams a reality because those brides matter to us.

So please, if you are a bride, if you’re a member of those pages, please help educate your fellow brides to understand that bridal boutiques are not changing rooms, and buying copies off the net is what is killing this industry. We all need to work together to stop something like the Alfred Angelo collapse happening again   xxx