Femme style 3382, Payton

A-line wedding dresses – are they for you?

A-line wedding dresses usually have a fitted bodice and a skirt which flares gently from the waist, over the hip to form an “A” shape.   A-line dresses tend to suit most figures.  On a pair shaped bride they will look particularly great as they accentuate a small waist whilst hiding the hips and legs.  On an apple shape, the right A-line will help create the illusion of a waist and a more in-and-out silhouette.

Take a look at Sophie to see one of our plus-size A-line wedding dresses.  This gown has wide straps and detail at the deep V-neckline, drawing the eye to the bust and shoulders and away from the tummy area.  Many of our Sonsie styles are cut with an A-line shape, as this shape really helps curvy girls create a fabulous hour glass (helped by the amazing internal corsetry in these dresses too!).  A dress like this with only subtle detail, and an uninterrupted line, also has the effect of lengthening the body, there is nothing cutting across the middle and so you will not only look shapely -but you’ll look taller too!  This can also be seen on our lovely Femme gown Payton (pictured).  If you are pear or apple shaped, and on the short side, this type of dress is a great option to consider. 

If you’re a pear shape looking to emphasise your small waist, or an apple wanting to create the illusion of a waist then belted A-line wedding dresses, or dresses with a belt effect can really help to create or emphasise the waistline.   With some extra sparkle and detail,  this kind of detail keeps the attention away from the hips and focused on the waist and top half of the body.   Our Ella Rosa dress Danielle, is a great example of how having a belted  A-line dress can really help to show your waist with the lace detail at the top also drawing the eye up and away from the hips.  Allegra by Kenneth Winston is another stunning A-line that flatters the waist by adding a beautiful belt detail.

If you are apple or pear shaped and your tummy is an area you want to disguise then styles with asymmetric ruching or pleats at the waist are also something to look out for!  Have a look at our D’Zage D31003 Alexandra.  This dress has sold time and time again to size 16+ girls who love the effect of the side pleats on their waist and tummy  This dress also draw the eye up to the neckline with sparkles on the bust area, away from the waistline.   Another dress with ruching across the upper bodice is the lovely, floaty Annette by Sonsie.  These horizontal ruches disguise the tummy area fantastically well!

A-line wedding dresses look great on almost everyone, and they are a very popular shape for our brides.  With so much choice and variation available on the basic shape, there will certainly be an A-line for YOU.  Why not get started and try a few on?