Race for Life – will you join Camellia Bridal’s team?

Camellia Bridal would like you to join us for Race for Life at Abington Park this year!

Why are Camellia Bridal supporting Race for Life ?

We meet women at a big and emotional moment in their lives.  So we are often confided in about all sorts of things.  Cancer has affected so many of our brides in different ways, and we have heard many stories from brides about how this awful disease has impacted on them and their families.  Some of our brides are survivors themselves.

So for all of our wonderful brides, we ask you…will you join us?

When is it ?

It’s the 5K event on June 4th (a Sunday) and it is at Abington Park.   It starts at 2pm , but we’ll be there from 1pm.  It takes as long as we take to get round, and I am sure we may well have a drink afterwards if anyone wants one!!

Can I come on my own ?

Yes!  Of course, Lyn and I from Camellia will meet everyone at the start, and anyone on their own is welcome to come round with us.  If you have a friend or daughter or mum that would like to come, get them to join the team too!

But I can’t run !

That doesn’t matter!  After the warm up part at the beginning, everyone is encouraged to go to one of the three start points – for runners, joggers or walkers.  At that point I expect runners may want to split off if they are keen to run and get a good time.  But I expect many will be happy to walk and take a leisurely pace!

Why should I join Camellia Bridal’s team?

Its a great idea if you fancy the race but have no one to do it with, it’s going to be fun and social and if you like us and our business we would appreciate your support.  As a thank you, we will start the first twenty fundraisers off with a £5 donation to their fundraising pot!

What do I need to do?

You need to open your own fundraising account first.  Click here to do that.  It does cost £14.99 to register for the event, which of course goes straight to the charity.  Once you are set up, then go back to my original link and you will be able to join our team.

See the event on Facebook !

Check out the event on our Facebook page here.  Register your interest, click that you are coming or post any questions!

I hope you decide to join us,

Zoe x