Why you should dry clean your wedding dress!

Have you considered treating your wedding dress to a dry clean and a lovely box after your wedding?

You will already know how precious your wedding dress is, but did you know that if you don’t dry clean your wedding dress and  store it carefully, after time, it won’t only collect dust, but it may react to the atmosphere and discolour?

Many untreated stains, however minor, will soon become ‘set’ into the fabric and are likely to cause permanent marking.   Some invisible marks, particularly simple drink spills especially sugary drinks, will progressively darken and oxidize with time and become very difficult or impossible to remove later.   Dry clean your wedding dress as soon as possible after your big day o keep it looking amazing and avoid stains setting in

If you are keeping your wedding dress then it’s worth considering having it carefully packed and folded with acid free tissue in a beautiful bridal box with pretty bow!  Perfect for popping somewhere safe until you are ready to gaze lovingly at it once more!

Camellia Bridal can arrange your cleaning, or cleaning and boxing for you, using a trusted and reputable dry cleaning firm. Simply drop it off to us and we will arrange the rest for you.

Price List:

Dry Clean Only £85

Dry Clean and Pack Small/Medium Box  £175

Dry Clean and Pack Large Box   £200

Dry Clean Only – Bridesmaid Dress   £40

Dry Clean and Box – Bridesmaid Dress    £100

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Zoe x